---  Sample Wedding Photographs  ---

These are a sampling of  wedding images to give you an idea of my style.  These are not the best or worst images, but good examples.

---  Sample Single Wedding  ---

Every wedding is different; time of day, location, variable sunlight, wildlife interference, rain, sun, wind, poor indoor lighting, lighting with funky color temperatures, and limited schedules.  Although all of these variables make each wedding different and sometimes challenging, a photographer knows to quickly evaluate what resources are available at the location and incorporate that into capturing the story of the wedding or event.  

In the sample wedding below, photographed in November 2018, the young couple were on a budged (only booked 3 hours of photography), had a DJ show up 1 hour late, unexpectedly moved the ceremony inside when it started to rain (they were hoping for an outdoor wedding), and had a few wardrobe malfunctions. 


Although the little hiccups added challenges, we managed to capture over 900 images!  We captured images of the bride with bridesmaids getting ready, the groomsmen nervously waiting, details of the dresses, rings, flowers, and some other personal items.  For the ceremony which lasted 5 minutes inside, we captured the vows and first kiss, and then took the bridal party outside to dodge rain showers and do some more intimate images.  Although their scheduling didn't allow us to photograph the cake cutting, I made sure to get some detail photographs of the cake and other decorations.  

This wedding is the perfect example of how no wedding goes exactly as planned, but with a skilled photographer and a good sense of humor you can still capture some amazing images of your day, with whatever challenges that may bring.

This example isn't the best or worst wedding, but is a wedding which is a good example of an average wedding where you roll with the punches and have a great time, even if it rains on your wedding day!


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