All portrait sessions are by appointment ONLY.  Please contact me directly to discuss creating beautiful images for you!


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I do not use a traditional studio as I mostly utilize the natural world as a backdrop; that makes every photo unique!  Even the waterfall photos which take place on our private property are all different due to changes in the forest, water flow, light, and time of year.

Private forest photography garden location: 

3939 Inagahee Road

Pollock Pines, California 95726


Our place in Pollock Pines is located at the uppermost portion of the area known as Apple Hill, above Placerville.  The road coming into the property is rough in a few places and approximately 1 mile of gravel and dirt with some ruts.  I drive down it regularly with a 2 wheel drive car, however it takes going slow and paying attention. Inagahee is a Right-of-Way, which means please dive extra slow and keep music quiet so as not to perturb the few neighbors along the way.  As you travel down the road, it will go down into the valley, at the bottom of which you will make a sharp left turn which will take you over a creek and then back up the hill.  Our place is the first left after that.  I can send you a map if necessary.

In the Sacramento region I take advantage of many of the scenic park locations.  For these sessions I scout the space ahead of each shoot and then coordinate exact location with each client.  

If you have a favorite spot you would like to use, please let me know and I will research getting permission to use the space.

Many baby sessions usually take place at the homes of my clients.  I bring lights, props, and backdrops when necessary, and try to keep the baby in as close to familiar surroundings as possible to keep your infant comfortable.  If we schedule a baby photo session at your house, please ask for details on how to prepare before my arrival.  

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